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  • Activation of employee, guest and partner accounts

  • The SCC offers you to activate your KIT account in a secure way in order to be able to use various services such as e-mail with this account.


The activation of the KIT account is required to use various IT services of KIT. This includes, for example, the use of e-mail addresses ending with or, access to the employee portal, and authentication for other (partly KIT-external) services via Shibboleth.


The service is available to every KIT employee, guest and partner.


IT security

Communication between browser and portal is secured by SSL. Activation is possible only with knowledge of KIT login name and corresponding password, which were sent to the user in advance by letter. For employees, the date of birth is also requested.

Included services

In the run-up to activation, a letter with KIT login name and associated password is generated and sent to the user's organizational unit. The KIT account is activated for the use of various services. A mailbox on the KIT-Exchange is created. Excepted from this are employees of the major research area whose organizational unit has not yet been migrated to KIT-Exchange; for them, e-mail forwarding to an existing mailbox is set up.

Organizational requirements

The customer must be an employee, guest or partner of KIT.

Technical requirements

Access via the address

Web browser: Supported browsers are current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. JavaScript enabled, allow setting cookies