Checklist for failure reports regarding KIT Wi-Fi

For fast and efficient troubleshooting we need the following details. Please tell them for reporting failures to the service desk by telephone or when reporting failures by e-mail.

  • When and where exactly (building, floor, room) did the failure occur?
  • Has it ever worked before at this location?
  • To which SSID are you trying to connect?
    o KIT
    o Eduroam
  • Was none of these SSIDs recognized by the client or was the signal too weak?
  • Has the authentication failed for KIT or eduroam?
    o Which account was used (maybe check the password via the relevant portal?)?
  • Was the authentication successfully but the client indicated limited network connectivity (no IP address was assigned by the DHCP server)?
  • Which IP address was assigned (enter “ipconfig” in the Windows CMD window)?