• DNS Management System (DNSVS)

  • For communication and for the use of services in the Internet and Intranet, each computer connected to KITnet requires a registration in the DNS (Domain Name Service).

    The DNS data is kept in a central DNS database and transferred on a regular base to the domain name server of the SCC. Registered DNS representatives can use the DNSVS to manage the DNS database.


The DNSVS is part of the network services portal "NETVS".

You can find NETVS here: https://netvs.scc.kit.edu

DNS data management at KIT

The DNS data are held in the central DNS database and are regularly transferred to the domain name servers of the SCC. Access to this database is possible for the supervisors of the individual institutes/institutions via the DNSVS (DomainNameServiceVerwaltungsSystem).

If you would like to send a message to the representatives of an IP address, you can use the following form. For the use it is necessary to sign in with the KIT account:

Contact address supervisor

We cannot tell the representative's name for an IP address because of data protection reasons.