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  • Virtual web servers

  • Operation of a virtual web server for own developments and web applications


Virtual web servers are operated by SCC in a fail-safe cluster and are used to run own applications. The Apache configuration can be extended and customized by owners. Login and upload options are available and the integration of own applications is possible.

Ordering virtual web server

Booking is done by requesting a virtual web server account (web account) from the ServiceDesk.


Cancellation of the individual packages must be made by the IT representative/OU manager via the ServiceDesk (sample ticket).

Requesting domain names

The central authority for assigning domain names is Karlsruhe Names and Numbers (KNN). Subdomains such as or second-level domains are applied for via the KNN.

Included services

Virtual web server

  • access through SSH login to Linux based server
  • customization and extension of Apache configuration
  • access and authorization of additional users through Windows CIFS with KIT account
  • secure operation incl. backup of documents

Use of MySQL databases

A central MySQL server is available for database-supported applications (for access and configuration, see service description)

Services not included

Individual development of applications

Detailed information about:

  • Access
  • Configuration
  • Software & OS
  • Logfiles
  • Instructions
  • HTTPS-Operation
  • SNI-Switch