• Security Incident Response

  • Handling of security incidents by KIT's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Security Incident Response

Security incident response is the process of evaluating, analyzing and coordinating actions when dealing with IT-security incidents, complains, observations or requests for information or support in case of misuse of computing ressources or networks. Usually, IT-security events are reported by email to cert∂kit.edu. Abuse reports are handled by the computer emergency response team of the KIT (KIT-CERT External Link).
The KIT-CERT is stationed at the computing center of the KIT (SCC) and handles a wide range of IT-security incidents concerning misuse of computer and network ressources and services of the KIT. The KIT-CERT initiates preventive measures in advance to prevent possible abuse as well as counter measures in the case of an ongoing abuse incident. The abuse team is the main contact in case of a suspected misuse of network based services of the KIT and for IT-security related topics and questions.