FAQ - Web/Homepage for students

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How can I create my own homepage?

A description of how to create your own homepage can be found on the page http://www.scc.kit.edu/dienste/flyer.php. Here different tutorials http://de.html.net/

Where do I find my folder .public_html?

The directory .public_html must be created explicitly. How to create the directory correctly, you can find on the page http://www.scc.kit.edu/dienste/flyer.php under 05 Homepage.

In which folder do I have to save my images so that they are displayed on my homepage?

You can store your images in almost any folder. You just need to specify a path to it: < IMG SRC="URL/Path/Image" alt="Alternative Display">. By the way, the directory where the images are located must be readable: chmod 755 [directory].

How can I specify an absolute path to my public-html directory in a CGI script?

If you log in to linux.student.kit.edu and then type "pwd", you can see your current path (ditto for .public_html). You can then use this path in the CGI.

I have revised my homepage, but the update is not visible. What could be the reason for this?

It could be that the browser has cached the old page and therefore does not show the updates. In this case, you should press the refresh button, this usually solves the problem. If this was not the case, check if the correct paths and access rights are set everywhere. General information about your own homepage can be found on the page Creating your own WWW pages. If none of the above problems apply in your case, please contact a member of Microbit staff.

How can I delete my homepage?

You can delete your homepage under Linux, Unix and SSH with the command line: "rm -rf .public_html".

I have put a page on the net for my account uxxx, but I can't find my page under ~firstname.lastname. What could be the reason for this?

You can only reach your web pages under "http://www.student.kit.edu/~uxxx". The address "http://www.student.kit.edu/~firstname.lastname" does not exist for students anymore.