• Planning services for network expansion (North Campus)

  • Consulting, planning, AVA, building monitoring, network design for new and extensions of the LAN/WAN on Campus North.

General description

The data network of KIT (KITnet) is an electronic communication infrastructure, that is elementary to protect due to its functions that are “vital” for KIT. Therefore it is operated and expanded from a central location. The SCC is in charge for the operation of the entire network infrastructure of the KITnet at KIT, this means up to the physical interface of the data end device (network connection socket or switch port). At campus north the SCC is also in charge for planning the network expansion. At campus south the SCC plans the expansion of the KITnet together with the responsible authorities or DEs of the KIT.

Technical description

The network expansion includes the planning, allocation of construction works (installation work), procurement of active LAN components, construction supervision, documentation and acceptance of construction works as well as operation.

Security aspects

In order to guarantee the network security, structural changes and extensions at the KITnet are only permitted after consulation with the SCC and under coordination by the SCC. This also includes the use of unauthorized network components such as routers, switches, hubs and WiFi Access Points.

Service agreement (SLA)

The network expansion in the buildings of the organization unit is implemented by the SCC in form of a service at the costs of the user (OE). The planning, selection of the network components and execution of the construction measures are optimized according to technical and economic aspects and discussed with the requester and IT representative (ITB) of the relevant organization unit prior to the allocation or procurement.

Included services

  • Advice to the requester
  • Inventory
  • Propoed solutions
  • Cost estimate
  • Create detailed planning and implementation plans

Allocation or Obtaining

Create a demand request with specification of services, when measure greater than 10K € also create tender documents as well as technical evaluation of the offers

  • Carry out an award proposal
  • Construction supervision, i.e. instruction of the site manager of the commissioned company, coordination with the IT officer, quality control, securing the documentation and acceptance of the service
  • Invoice verification based on measurements


Installation and configuration of the active network components, Wiring of the active network components (insert patches) Perform random checks of the function.

Billing of construction work

The construction work and procurements are 100% financed from the cost center specified by the respective requester or the R&D account.

Billing of own work:

In addition to the commissioning, which is financed from the basic IT equipment, the own work is billed to the cost center specified by the requester or via an R&D account based on the HOAI (fee regulations for architects and engineers) (see table in the SCC’s service catalog ).


In order to ensure a secure, highly available and economical network operation in your interest, principles and rules for the operation of the LAN in the Karlsruhe Research Center have been defined, which are binding for all network users throughout the center.