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Business applications (SAP, Campus Management)
Lehr- und Lernsysteme

The Campus Management Portal for Students (Student Portal) is the campus management platform for students and offers various IT services for self-service students (course catalogue, personal timetable, exam registration and cancellation, download of various certificates, etc.).

Unternehmensanwendungen (SAP, Campus Management)

ChemA is a chemical management system that was developed especially for the KIT and is now also used in other research facilities. It supports the organizational units in the management of their hazardous substances using all existing digital data. It accompanies the substances from the order to the delivery, the internal distribution, the storage, the consumption up to the waste.

In particular, the legal obligation for the KIT to maintain a hazardous substance register and to inform employees about hazardous substance properties is fulfilled with the least possible effort.

Unternehmensanwendungen (SAP, Campus Management)

SAP Web Portal

The SAP portal provides access to SAP applications such as Employee Self Services (ESS/MSS), decentralized procurement (Supplier Relationship Management, SRM), and reporting (Business Warehouse, SAP BW). The applications can be accessed platform-independently via a Web browser.