• Personal communications directory (self-service)

  • The KIT-wide personal communications directory is provided by the SCC and offers both a self-service in the employee portal (my.scc.kit.edu) to edit one's own communication data and a search mask for a search in the communication data of all employees, guests and partners.

The communications directory contains the communication data of KIT employees, guests and partners.

Self-service for employees, guests and partners

With the help of a self-service in our employee portal, communication data can be maintained by the employees themselves (under the menu item My Data / Privacy Settings). In addition, the visibility level can be defined in three steps for each value:

  • only visible after login/authentication with KIT account and password
  • only visible for users from the KIT network (IP net)
  • visible on all pages with global access

Search in the communications directory

Communication data of all employees, guests and partners can be searched in the person directory on the intranet. This search is available in all visibility levels.

Export to the Global Address List

The communication data of employees is also exported to the Global Address List.