Regulations on the use of the information and communication infrastructure

The following regulations must be observed when using the information and communication infrastructure (I&C) at KIT::

  1. Regulations of Digital Information Processing and Communication (I&C) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  2. If personal data is processed on SCC equipment, the SCC F&A Department must be informed in writing.
  3. Furthermore, the following must be observed (see german page)
    • the schedule of fee (F&A)
    • die Richtlinien für die Benutzung des KITnet
    • die Richtlinien für die Newsgruppen der ka.*-Hierarchie
  4. The following informationen must also be observed: (see german page)
    • Guide published by the ALWR "Leitfaden zur verantwortungsvollen Nutzung von Datennetzen"
    • die DFN-Ordnung
    • Internet-Statuten
    • die Netiquette