CAMMP week powered by Bürgerstiftung

CAMMP week 2022 

This year the CAMMP week will hopefully take place again in Presence.

What? Students research in teams using mathematical methods and computers to answer questions from research in companies and university institutes. Each team is supported by a research assistant from KIT or RWTH Aachen University.
Who? High school students and mathematics teachers (also trainee teachers and student teachers)
When? 19.06.-24.06.2022 
Where? hopefully it will take place in Presence in Voeren, Belgien
Costs? 50€

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Questions are welcome to be sent by mail to  cammp∂ 

Announcement of CAMMP week 2022

The "CAMMP week powered by Bürgerstiftung", which is organized by the student laboratory CAMMP (RWTH Aachen University) together with the project CAMMP (Student Laboratory Mathematics / Project Simulated Worlds, KIT), will take place next year from

19.06 - 24.06.2022

The CAMMP week is a modeling week aimed at mathematically talented and interested students. The CAMMP week will take place (current conditions permitting) in a youth hostel in Voeren, Belgium. 
During the CAMMP week, high school students will work in teams using mathematical methods and computers to solve problems from the real world of companies and research institutions. They will be supported by scientific staff members of KIT and RWTH Aachen University. 

At the end of the week, the student teams present their results to the companies - or university representatives - at a closing event. Representatives of the school, parents and friends are also  invited. 

Parallel to the student activities, there will be a teacher training course in the field of "Mathematical Modeling with Students" for the participating teachers, which will be certified by the Teacher Training Center of RWTH Aachen University.

With the acceptance of the "CAMMP week 2022" a fee of 50,00 € for students and 70 € for teachers will be charged. This covers part of the costs for accommodation and full board in the youth hostel. The remaining costs will be covered by the organizers and sponsors. Students will be accommodated in shared rooms, teachers in double rooms. Travel and accommodation will be organized centrally by the organizers.
The CAMMP week is kindly supported by the RWTH Aachen University CAMMP student laboratory. On the Aachen side it is supported by the Bürgerstiftung für die Region Aachen and the ZDI-Center ANTalive and on the Karlsruhe side by the project Simulierte Welten and the Schülerlabor für Mathematik.

If you have any questions, you can reach us by email at cammp∂

We look forward to receiving lots of applications!

The CAMMP team 

Report of the digital CAMMPweek 2021

This year's digital "CAMMP week powered by Bürgerstiftung" was once again a complete success!
A total of 40 students worked for a week on 7 different, complex research questions. Each of the 7 groups achieved a super result and impressed the respective company representatives at the virtual closing event. Congratulations to the participating students for their great results!

From the report of a student: "The week was characterized by the fact that we were able to find solutions to a complex mathematical problem with a lot of fun, perseverance and teamwork. Despite the great distance, we could experience to work together with people with whom we could grow together to a team within the CAMMP week, without knowing each other concretely before. Especially for gaining new experiences, in the field of programming, mathematics, lecturing or writing a scientific report, the participation in the CAMMP week is highly recommended, without hesitation I would participate again. Especially towards the end of school, it is also helpful to be able to concretize your personal future aspirations regarding your studies through detailed study information."

From the report of another student: "In summary, you can say that by participating in CAMMP week you gain a very good insight into true scientific work and studying itself, and at the end you are really proud of your real-world solutions.


Current information

Since 2019 students from the following schools participated in CAMMP week:

  • Albert-Schweizer-Schule
  • Bismarck Gymnasium Karlsruhe 
  • Gaußgymnasium Hockenheim
  • Goethe-Gymnasium Gaggenau
  • Goethe-Gymnasium Karlsruhe 
  • GSG Mannheim
  • Gymnasium St. Paulusheim Bruchsal 
  • Hebel-Gymnasium Schwetzingen 
  • Helmholtz-Gymnasium Karlsruhe 
  • Hilda-Gymnasium Pfortzheim
  • HLA Rastatt
  • Integrierte Gesamtschule Mannheim-Herzogenried
  • Kurfürst-Friedrich Gymnasium Heidelberg 
  • Leibniz-Gymnasium Östringen 
  • Lessing Gymnasium Karlsruhe 
  • Lessing-Gymnasium Mannheim
  • Liselotte-Gymnasium Mannheim
  • Ludwig-Maurum-Gymnasium 
  • Markgraf-Ludwig-Gymnasium Baden-Baden 
  • Max-Planck-Gymnasium Karlsruhe
  • Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Karlsruhe 
  • Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium Langenau
  • Theodor Heuss Gymnasium Pforzheim
  • Tulla-Gymnasium Rastatt