CAMMP week powered by Bürgerstiftung

What? Students research in teams using mathematical methods and computers to answer questions from research in companies and university institutes. Each team is supported by a research assistant from KIT or RWTH Aachen University.
Who? High school students and mathematics teachers (also trainee teachers and student teachers)
When? 27 September to 02 October 2020
Where? The CAMMP week will take place virtually in 2020.
Costs? None.
Application? 09 March to 30 July 2020


Announcement of CAMMP week 2020

*** Due to the current situation CAMMP week 2020 will take place online. ***

CAMMP week is aimed at students of the upper school who are interested in mathematics. The participants will be divided into groups of four students each. Each group of students receives a real problem from a company or university institute. During the modeling week the groups of students work intensively on the problems. They are supported by scientific staff. The teamwork in the small groups is organized via a video platform. On Friday 02.10.2020 a virtual closing event will take place, where the groups of students will present their results to the problem solvers, parents and other interested parties.

After the CAMMP week, there is the possibility to further investigate suitable questions for participation in competitions e.g. Jugend Forscht with the support of the CAMMP team.

From now on students are invited to apply for participation in CAMMP week 2020. In consultation with a teacher of their own school, the completed student application form must be submitted by e-mail by 30 July 2020 at the latest. An information letter for headmasters and teachers is also available. Please understand that we can only consider applications received on time. Cancellation or acceptance will be made in writing by mid-August 2020 in consultation with the teachers.


Within the CAMMP week we also offer a virtual teacher training. This will take place on Wednesday, 30.09. from 14:00 - 17:00. In the advanced training, concrete everyday problems will be presented which can be solved with the help of mathematical modeling and the use of computers by students from grade 8 on. Teachers are given an introduction to the use and application of our material as well as the opportunity to explore the material on their own. The materials from the training course can also be used and/or developed further in their own lessons. Interested teachers please contact uns via mail.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

CAMMP week is kindly supported by the CAMMP student laboratory of RWTH Aachen University. On the Aachen side, it is mainly supported by the Citizens' Foundation for the Aachen Region and the ZDI Centre ANTalive and on the Karlsruhe side by the project Simulierte Welten and the Education Laboratory for Mathematics.


CAMMP week 2021

In June 2021 CAMMP week will take place again in a youth hostel in Voeren, Belgium.

Parallel to the student activities, there will be a teacher training course in the field of "Mathematical Modeling with Students" for the participating teachers, which will be certified by the Teacher Training Center of the RWTH Aachen University.

Current information

In 2019 students from the following schools participated in CAMMP week:

  • Albert-Schweizer-Schule
  • Goethe-Gymnasium Gaggenau
  • HLA Rastatt
  • Max-Planck-Gymnasium Karlsruhe
  • Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium Langenau
  • Tulla-Gymnasium Rastatt