• eduroam

  • eduroam (education roaming) is an international Wi-Fi internet access roaming service for users in research, higher education and further education. The KIT has been a member of the eduroam network since its inception. With eduroam it is possible for employees and students of participating institutions to have a secure WiFi access to the local WLAN at all participating institution for the use of eduroam.


Requirements for the use of eduroam

For using eduroam only the user account of the home institution is required. For KIT members that is the KIT user account. In addition it is necessary to configure the SSID eduroam on the mobile device initially, which is broadcasted at all participating institutions. We recommend eduroam users to set up the SSID eduroam already at home. At the visited institution you then only have to connect with SSID eduroam and you immediately have internet access.

Configuration of SSID eduroam

SSID eduroam has to be configured according to the information provided by your home institution.

For KIT members, the SSID eduroam has to be configured in the same way as the SSID KIT, which is available to employees and students at KIT for intranet access. Instructions for all common operating systems can be found at the WLAN configuration instructions site. Instead of SSID KIT simply configure the SSID eduroam like it is described for your operating system.

The configuration of the SSID eduroam for KIT members is also stored in eduroam CAT (eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool). With this tool SSID eduroam can be configured automatically.


Support for eduroam can be received from the home institution: If you are not a member of KIT, please get in touch with the service desk of your home institution. Your mobile device has to be configured according to the specifications of your institution.

eduroam locations

Institutions participating in eduroam can be found on the following websites: