• Matrix

  • Matrix is an open communication protocol for real-time communication.
Notice: The service is currently in the test phase.

What is matrix?

Matrix is an open protocol for real-time communication. It can be used with various programs (also called "clients") to send text messages, make calls and video calls, and much more.

It doesn't matter which operator the other user is registered with. You can communicate with users of KIT as well as with users of TU Dresden, for example, and with private users of matrix.org.

Login and Clients

To make it as easy as possible to get started, KIT provides a client as an Internet page. You can reach it at element.matrix.kit.edu. Detailed documentation and help pages with illustrations will be available at help.matrix.kit.edu as soon as possible.

However, you can also use matrix with any other client, similar to how you can use e-mail with Outlook, Thunderbird, as a website, or on your smartphone. The client Element is available as a PC program, website and mobile app.

Alternatively, you can use the less complex client Fluffychat on the smartphone or Nheko on the PC. For a detailed list of available clients, visit matrix.org/clients-matrix.


Matrix accounts of KIT members always have the form @ab1234:kit.edu for employees and @uabcd:kit.edu for students. However, the login is always done with your KIT login username via the central authentication service of the SCC (Shibboleth).

Current functionality

Currently, the service is in the testing phase, so the functionality is not complete. One will be able to exchange text messages as well as make (video) calls via matrix. Chat rooms can be grouped into "spaces" to sort them for yourself or, if desired, to make this collection of chat rooms available to others.

Further functionality, so-called integrations, with which one can integrate BigBlueButton conferences or Etherpads, we cannot offer at present.

Help and feedback

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact the #helpdesk:kit.edu room or the administrators of this room directly. Also you can use the above e-mail address to contact us.