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  • Oracle databases

  • Hosting of Oracle databases and applications

Oracle databases are relational database systems for large and demanding applications. The DB has sophisticated tuning mechanisms, can be designed for high availability and is also suitable for special use cases (geodatabase, XML database).
Order database: Via the SCC service desk (8000) with the keyword "Oracle database setup".
Client: The ORACLE client allows access to the database via various interfaces. For example directly via the client program SQL-PLUS or via ODBC/JDBC or also with one of the numerous free tools like SQL-Developer from Oracle. The client for Windows and Linux can be found under the software directory
Consulting: Via the SCC service desk (8000) with the keyword "database consulting desired".

Included services

  • Setting up the necessary database according to performance class
  • Setup of users
  • Assignment of authorizations (role assignment and user permissions)
  • Client installations

Services not included

  • Planning of the database and determination of optimal storage parameters
  • Installation of your application

Your responsibility

  • Specification of Oracle version (release, edition, cluster capability)
  • Specification of user names and passwords
  • Estimation of storage space requirements and memory requirements
  • Specification of database parameters (or default)

Organizational requirements

KIT employees or external company employees on behalf of KIT.

Technical requirements