Decision support conference (voice/video)

First, clarify the desired communication scenario, as not all services are adequate and approved for all requirements. When selecting the tool, also consider other functionalities that you may need for teamwork. Very important for the choice of platform is the protection requirement for the content; estimate the risk here based on the data protection required by your scenario.

Communication scenario Tool External access 1:1 communication Integration with MS Outlook Break-Out Rooms Chat Note
Ad-hoc meetings
Coordinated meetings
Moderated seminars
MS Teams           Consider risk/protection needs for content
Location independent telephony Rainbow   (telephony)       Consider risk/protection needs for content
Live lecture (limited need for interaction) - Streaming / seminar Zoom           Consider risk/need for content protection
Video conferencing for
Committees (<100 persons) and
KIT facilities (<20 persons)
BigBlueButton           Consider risk/protection needs for content
Videoconferencing service in the science network
(<50 persons)
DFN-Conf           Observe risk/protection requirements for content