Working at SCC

Teamwork - international, diversity, societal relevance

  • We are international and diverse - scientifically and geographically. In age and gender. In expertise and language (SCC employees come from over 20 countries)
  • We work in interdisciplinary teams in high social impact research on climate, energy, and materials, and in particle physics, humanities, and cultural sciences. National and international cooperation is present in many of our research and service projects.
  • As an agile service provider for KIT and state institutions, SCC staff works in research, teaching, and administrative management.

Prospective development

  • We work in flat hierarchies and offer excellent professional development opportunities. We support a high degree of self-responsibility and create opportunities to set your professional priorities.
  • We work with a collegial decision structure and staff is encouraged to participate in various committees (at SCC and KIT).
  • We offer a wide range of opportunities for professional and personal development, which includes the program of the training institute of KIT and the personnel development of HR.

Workplace and workplace tools

  • We operate one of the most green, modern, and powerful IT infrastructures in Germany. This includes high-performance computers and supercomputers with graphics processors, storage systems with several petabytes of data storage, scalable cloud environments and state-of-the-art AI dedicated hardware. In addition to this powerful research infrastructure, we equip all SCC staff with the latest workstation, laptops, and software tools. Our computers connect to the internet with the fastest connections in Germany.
  • We work on site, at home and on the road, optimally balancing the professional and the personal need through working time models with and without time recording. We offer possibilities for flexible working time reduction and holiday planning. In addition, SCC participates in projects (e.g., “New Work”) to continuously improve the work-life balance.
  • At SCC sites, you find various meeting points inside and outside to exchange and discuss with collogues or just meet for or spontaneous conversations.
  • Combining family and career is a reality at SCC.

Locations and accessibility

  • SCC has offices and computing facilities at KIT Campus South, in the heart of Karlsruhe, and at KIT Campus North, in Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen in the middle of the Hardtwald forest.
  • These locations are easily accessible by bicycle, bus, car and train (there is an S-Bahn station directly on Campus North and in front in Campus South). Parking on Campus North is free.
  • For the transfer between the KIT locations Campus South, East, and North, KIT employees and students can use a shuttle service, the KIT Shuttle (german only).

Lunch time

  • Fresh and healthy lunches are served in the restaurants in Campus North and in Campus South. There is a choice of hot and cold meals and variety of menus, including vegetarian/vegan options. The new Casino at Campus North also has cosy cafeteria with a covered terrace space.
  • SCC at Campus South is centrally located in the city centre which hosts multiple choices for your lunchbreak. Or take a stroll to relax in the beautiful Schlosspark.

Culture, leisure, and community

  • SCC-employees can use of the numerous offers from KIT for active sport, especially those of the sports institute in addition to many cultural opportunities such as concerts (Philharmonie & Science Meets Music), lectures, exhibitions and Studium Generale.
  • We care for cohesion and the cultivation of customs. Among other things, we organise annual summer parties and Christmas celebrations as well as out of office team meeting and leisure groups.

General information about working at KIT

  • The International Welcome Office (INTL) is available to support our foreign applicants.
  • KIT offers day care for children ages 1 till 6
  • Health at work is very important to us. KIT has a medical department that offers advice and emergency care.

Further information on the pages of KIT.

Other  sources of information for interested applicants


We offer employees an atmosphere that promotes creative work in teams. Breaks can be pleasantly quiet or communicative - the coffee machine in the communication centre is a central meeting point.
For technical staff, the SCC offers a variety of exciting fields of work, for example in system administration or hardware maintenance in the data centre - here changing hard disks in a storage cluster.
SCC has modern meeting rooms of various sizes including two large lecture halls where colloquia and symposia are held. Or connect virtually to face-to-face live meeting.
Some researchers need screens with a size that cannot fit in any office. Our 3D visualisation lab, let working groups immerse in simulations and discuss and learn from the experience.
Unsere Büros sind individuell, hier mit Couch und Whiteboard
An office does not have to be a dry working environment reduced to its purpose. The SCC staff sometimes applies very creative designs.
SCC Sommerfest auf der Terrasse mit Salatbuffet, Grill und Eiswagen.
Relaxed atmosphere at the summer party with salad buffet, barbecue and ice cream van. Alongside the Christmas party, the summer party is one of the annual social traditions that SCC staff and students hold in high regard