• Technical Client Support - Centrally Managed IT Workstation

  • Technical Client Support (TCS) is in charge of the centrally managed IT workstations at KIT. TCS sets up the workstation computers as well as connected components and configures them for centrally managed operation in the service units at KIT.


The SCC offers service units (DE) at KIT centrally managed workstations. Hardware and configuration standards predefined by the SCC as well as software standards agreed upon jointly with the participating DEs are used. Depending on the operating model, the operating responsibility for the IT workstations lies either with the SCC or with the DE.

Operating models

Two operating models are available for the managed IT workstation:

The fully managed model installs and administers exclusively the SCC, which means that the operational responsibility of the devices lies with the SCC. Additional software can be conveniently selected by the users via a software kiosk (repository).

The partially managed model installs the SCC, but the OU receives admin device access, i.e. the OU is responsible for operation.

Included Services Technical Client Support

The OU or, depending on the area, the SCC *) procures the devices and software for the IT workstation from the KIT catalog. The installation and updating of the operating system and standard applications is automated; IT officers can assign additional software to the workstation computers, which is then automatically deployed.

The workstations are connected to the central directory service Active-Directory KIT.EDU (AD) and to the SCC services of the basic IT equipment. and the IT security services virus protection and patch management are active.

The Technical Client Support team provides support in case of problems with the end devices and advises in advance on possible solutions for specific use cases of the OU. Support is provided via remote support software and, in the case of the fully managed model, on-site if necessary.

Only one workstation is managed for each employee. Therefore, a mobile device is suitable for use in the office and in the home office.

Services not included

  • TCS supports and manages Microsoft Windows operating systems only
  • No physical relocation of workstation equipment and components.
  • Provision of local infrastructure such as network access, power supply and cable ducts.

Specification of workstation devices and components

The devices used for the IT workstation correspond to the bw devices standardized in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Organizational requirements and scope

If an organizational unit wants to have IT workstations managed by the SCC as a new customer, this must be planned well in advance.

Contact for consultation: Andreas Lorenz