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Dealing with problems


The SCC's service desk provides support to all users experiencing problems with two-factor authentication. This includes difficulties with setup, usage, defect, loss, etc.

Don't get a token?

We distribute tokens in a decentralized manner with the help of organizational units. We expect problems, for example, with employees who are employed in several organizational units or with employees who start at KIT or change organizational units only after the distribution has started.

TheSCC service desk will resolve these cases.

In case of forgotten token

If you have created a backup list or prepared an authenticator app on the service cell phone, you can fall back on these alternatives. Otherwise, please consider whether the process for which the token is needed can be postponed to the next business day (e.g., a vacation request) or whether a representative can intervene as an exception.

Otherwise, the SCC service desk will assist and can provide a backup list.

In case of loss.

Please contact the SCC service desk immediately so that the lost token can be blocked. You will then receive a new device at the issuing points.

In case of defect

If the token still generates value but is not accepted as part of two-factor authentication, please contact our service desk by phone first. The issue can likely be resolved without replacement.

If the token has failed and no value can be generated (empty battery, housing cracked, water damage,...), you can obtain a replacement device from our issuing offices. Please take the opportunity to return the defective token so that we can dispose of it correctly. In such cases, we try to statistically record the cause of the error in order to optimize stock-keeping and replacement orders. These statistics are kept without reference to persons.

Contact form

If possible, please use the contact forms provided here to address your request to us. Please also note our operating notifications. There may be a current fault or maintenance work is being carried out.

Contact and support form

Staff, students, as well as guests with KIT Account submit requests about the SCC IT services via this 

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You are not a member of the KIT? Then please use our general contact form to send us your request via this

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