GridKa School Team received Best Paper Award

The recent paper of SCC about organization of GridKa School presented at IEEE international conference EDUCON2015 received Best Paper Award in the category "Most Innovative Paper".

Certificate Best Paper Award

The IEEE Global Conference EDUCON is one of the most prominent conferences on engineering education in the world.  During the conference,  scientists and teachers from academic universities, research institutes and industrial areas present the current work and share their experiences in the field of engineering education, teaching practices and learning concepts. This year the conference took place in Tallinn, Estonia and  attracted more than 300 participants.

In 2015 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology entered the list of prize winners. The awarded paper was presented by Dr. Pavel Weber. The focus of the paper was not only description of successful experience on organization of the school, but also presentation of the education model developed at SCC and applied to GridKa School. In addition, advantages of this model compared to other modern education models were described.

Details of Publication:
 Melanie Ernst, Thomas Hartmann, Andreas Heiss, Christopher Jung, Joerg Meyer, Dimitri Nilsen,
 Andreas Petzold, Christoph-Erdmann Pfeiler, Ingrid Schaeffner, Jie Tao, Pavel Weber

 GridKa School – Teaching Information Technologies since 2003

Best Paper Award - Most Innovative Paper - Area 4
15th International IEEE Conference EDUCON2015, Tallinn, Estland, 18-20 März 2015

Achim Grindler