Rearrangement of the WLAN at KIT

Several changes are planned to improve the Wi-Fi service at KIT. Please note the adaptations of the network names (SSID) provided in the future.

WLAN-Umstellung am KIT

The SCC would like to provide a fast and reliable Wifi experience on Campus. Therefore, a change of wireless network names leading to a more efficient use of our limited wireless spectrum is mandatory.
We are also introducing new authentication servers yielding improved performance for the ever-increasing wifi usage.
Additionally, the root certificate of Deutsche Telekom currently used by our authentication servers will expire and must be replaced.
We would like to make these necessary transitions as easy as possible for you, therefore we summarized the most important changes below.



  • 08.09.2017: Introduction of KIT“& KA-WLAN“ everywhere on campus
  • 15.09.2017: Shutdown of vpn/web/belwue“. Replacement: KIT und KA-WLAN (see below)
  • 20.09./21.09.17: eduroam certificate change to T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2
  • 29.09.2017: Shutdown of wkit-802.1x“und wifi2vlan“. Replacement: KIT (see below)

The following Wifi Networks will be broadcast in the future:

  • KIT: (802.1X) for members of KIT and guest accounts
  • eduroam: (802.1X) for guests of KIT from higher education organizations participating in eduroam
  • KA-WLAN: (unsecured) for guests. This network is operated in cooperation with INKA e.V. and the city of Karlsruhe. It can be used without prior registration.
  • KA-sWLAN: (802.1X) for guests. This network is for registered users of KA-WLAN. Registration is available for free using the open KA-WLAN.


Wifi Configuration in the future:

    • Username: (For example Students: / Employees and partners: )
    • Root-Certificate: T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2
  • WLAN KIT“(wifi2vlan functionality)
    • Username (old): KIT-account@vlan-name
    • Username (new):
    • Root-Certificate: T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2
  •  WLAN-Guestaccounts
    • If the open KA-WLAN“ is not an option, registered guests can connect to the SSID KIT as well as to the wired LTA.
    • Old: Guestaccount@gast
    • New: Guestaccount@gast.kit.edu

Detailled instructions for common operating systems will be published on the SCC Website.

We would like to remind you that installing your own APs is not permitted on KIT campus.
Those rouge APs reduce the quality of out official wifi. If you have trouble receiving
official KIT wifi please contact the wifi team.