SCC-News 2/2019

Die neue SCC-News u. a. mit diesen Themen: IT-Landkarte der KIT-Software-Anwendungen; DEEP Hybrid DataCloud; MathSEE Modeling Week.

Titelseite der SCC-News 2/2019

Dear reader,

for orientation, maps made of paper usually provide a better overview of a large area than digital map apps on smartphones. These develop their strengths only with the help of integrated information services and show nearby open restaurants, the traffic situation along the route or how to reach your destination by public transport. Likewise, a new interactive IT map (page 4) collects and integ-rates information about distributed services and applications at KIT, putting the associated data flows and objects into context. As a result, an overarching data base for the management of services and applications at KIT is gradually being created.

Similarly, researchers want to find their way around scientific tools and services in the ever-growing IT landscape. Among other things, the project DEEP Hybrid DataCloud provides a remedy. Specially tailored apps and services as well as a variety of supporting services enable scientists to address a wide variety of issues using deep learning methods. All of these services are available within a flexible cloud infrastructure, complemented even with high-performance computing resources (page14).

Another form of orientation is provided by the project group CAMMP at the SCC in the large field of modeling and simulation. For the first time, the KIT Center MathSEE hosted a modeling week to introduce students from disciplines that use mathematical methods to the modeling of real problems using high-performance computers (page 21).Together with the researchers who just obtained their doctoral degree at SCC (see title photo) we wish you a good orientation through this new edition of the SCC News.

Enjoy reading!

Martin Frank, Bernhard Neumair, Martin Nußbaumer, Achim Streit

Achim Grindler