Overleaf at KIT - Easy collaborative LaTeX editor

The easy-to-use, collaborative, online LaTeX editor Overleaf has been available to all KIT staff and students in the new KIT Overleaf Portal since December 2019.

KIT-Overleaf-Portal, Homepage
A connection to the Shibboleth Identity Provider of KIT (SSO Integration) enables the use of the KIT Overleaf Portal by logging in with the KIT Account
Overleaf enables the collaborative editing of documents with LaTeX directly, without further software installations, via any web browser!

Templates in the template gallery make it easy to get started with LaTeX and all LaTeX features like inserting images, equations or bibliographies are supported by Overleaf.

Collaboration is done via only one master version for each document, which can be accessed by any authorized person.
Several people can work on a document at the same time, the changes of other people are displayed directly.

The document history also shows which changes were added or removed by whom. Furthermore, it is easy to return to previous versions.

You can also find this cloud service in the service catalogue of the SCC under Collaboration (Groupware) -> Overleaf - Working with LaTeX