EOSC-Synergy Resources for the fight against COVID-19

The EU project EOSC-Synergy together with the project partners has launched a cloud computing service based on Galaxy to facilitate researchers' access to data sets relevant to the ongoing research on COVID-19.

EU Project EOSC-Synergy

With the novel COVID-19 Coronavirus, the world is experiencing a variety of challenges. Researchers are working day and night, analysing the outbreak. Open Science, as a whole, has never been more relevant. Nor has the collaborative spirit that persistently remains amongst all of us.

In EOSC-synergy we want to do as much as we can to cooperate in this global endeavour. 

Therefore we are proud to announce the deployment of a Cloud Computing Service based on Galaxy to support researchers access to datasets relevant to the ongoing investigations on the COVID19. We are connecting those datasets with the most advanced computing infrastructures available in the computing centers of the EOSC-synergy consortium. More information on the available datasets and tools is here

This initiative benefits from the services provided by the so-called “COVID-19” Virtual Organisation, supported by the EGI Cloud Federation. EOSC-synergy is particularly thankful to the EGI Foundation for the swift and smooth support received in the past 24 hours to set up the user community support tools.

We are proud of the dedicated effort demonstrated by the members of the consortium to set up this service in less than 24 hours. Special thanks go to the project members at CSIC, LIP, UPV, INCD, KIT, IISAS and the EGI Foundation.

In EOSC-synergy we put at the service of society our expertise in software, computing and data services. Learn more about it at: https://covid19.eosc-synergy.eu/

Questions: coordinator∂eosc-synergy.eu 

Contact at SCC: Dr. Marcus Hardt