Two consortia of the National Research Data Infrastructure with participation of SCC

The first nine National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) consortia have now been announced. KIT is involved in three consortia. SCC will take over tasks in the NFDI for chemistry and engineering sciences.

SCC also contributes years of expertise in the management of research data and the necessary infrastructure to the new NFDI.

In the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), data stocks are to be systematically developed, secured in the long term and made accessible. In the consortia now announced and funded by the NFDI, users and providers of research data work together with information infrastructure institutions. KIT scientists are involved in the consortia for chemistry, engineering, and catalysis research.

Together with the Institute of Organic Chemistry (IOC) and the Institute of Biological and Chemical Systems (IBCS), the SCC is responsible for the design of the NFDI for Chemistry (NFDI4Chem), whose vision is the digitization of all important steps in chemical research.

In NFDI4Chem and NFDI4Ing, which unites engineering research communities and promotes the management of their research data, the SCC has a co-spokesperson role and is therefore also looking for interested employees.


Contact persons at SCC: Felix Bach, Rainer totzkaAchim Streit

Detailed information in the KIT press release of June 29, 2020

Further information on NFDI consortia with KIT participation is available at: www.rdm.kit.edu/netzwerke_nfdi.php and www.rdm.kit.edu/netzwerke_nfdi_kit.php (KIT Intranet)


Achim Grindler