Efficient request processing for organizational units with the SCC ticket system

The SCC provides the KIT organizational units and their support teams with the SCC ticket system to support their own support processes for efficient and convenient request processing.

Request management in organizational units with the SCC ticket system

Requests addressed to a KIT service provider that cannot be answered or solved immediately can be recorded as a process (ticket) in the ticket system offered by SCC and, if necessary, passed on to other teams and persons for further processing. The forwarding is done via so-called ticket queues (queues for processes), which are created for specific topics.

The SCC ticket system provides all persons involved in the support process with an overview of the requests they have submitted to a service provider or the service provider with an overview of the processes to be processed and completed.

Access to these recorded processes is defined via an authorization concept at team level. For each queue it can be defined which support team is allowed to create, move, read or edit new requests.

For the use of the SCC ticket system in an organizational unit, a service agreement was concluded at KIT. This agreement regulates the introduction and application of the system in the service unit, as well as the purpose, the description of procedures and roles, and the admissibility of a possible performance and behavior control.

If you are interested in using the SCC ticket system in your organizational or service unit, please contact us by e-mail at it-support∂scc.kit.edu. We will be happy to advise you and show you the possibilities that the OTRS-based ticket system offers you in processing your transactions.

Birgit Junker