KIT-WLAN@Home - Receiving KIT WLAN in the Home Office

With the KIT-WLAN@Home service, KIT employees also receive the campus WLAN at home. For this purpose, they receive a special Remote Access Point (RAP), a device configured by the SCC.

Remote Access Point (RAP)

The new KIT-WLAN@Home service enables KIT employees to receive KIT WLAN in their home offices. Thus, they use the same network access in the home office as at the workplace in KIT. By using these special remote access points (RAPs), the KIT, KIT-IoT, and eduroam WLAN SSIDs are broadcast in the home office.

To reduce the administrative effort, the SCC has developed its own software that handles the application process as well as the administration of the service. The application for the KIT-WLAN∂Home service for employees is made via their IT representative of the organizational unit. The respective employees will then receive all information regarding the collection of their RAP by e-mail.

Currently, the service is free of charge for KIT organizational units. If you are interested in this service, you will find further information in our service catalog under KIT-WLAN∂Home.

Dominik Rimpf, SCC-NET