Distinguished Paper Award for laminar flame research

Thorsten Zirwes, a scientist at SCC, received the Distinguished Paper Award from the Combustion Institute for his collaboration on laminar flame research.

The paper selected for the Combustion Institute's Distinguished Paper Award this year in the category "laminar flames".

Every two years, the Combustion Institute selects outstanding contributions to the International Combustion Symposium that have made a particularly significant advance in our understanding of fundamental and applied combustion. This year, an international jury selected papers from thirteen different topics to be recognized with the Distinguished Paper Award.

Thorsten Zirwes, who has been studying combustion processes using high-performance computers at the SCC since 2016, has investigated ignition processes at low temperatures in cooperation with Peking University (PKU) and the Engler-Bunte Institute at KIT. These ignition processes play an important role in engine combustion, among other things, and can lead to engine damage if they are not suppressed. A better understanding of the physics of these processes is therefore important to develop more efficient engines for ships and other heavy transport vehicles. Thorsten Zirwes has developed simulation software that can model such ignition processes in high detail.  The paper on this topic, which Thorsten Zirwes co-authored, was awarded the Distinguished Paper Award this year in the category “laminar flames”.

Contact: Dr. Thorsten Zirwes

Source: https://www.combustioninstitute.org/resources/awards/distinguished-papers/


Achim Grindler