IOR - Information Systems for Organisation and operative Resources

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The operation and development of the SAP landscape of KIT are among the fundamental tasks of the SCC-IOR department. The range of applications supported extends from financial accounting and controlling, through human resources, materials management and sales, to technical applications such as maintenance and production. IOR also operates more specialized applications, such as the Learning Solution as course and training software, as well as budget management, which is typical for public-sector companies. Independent applications for self-service procurement (SAP SRM) and a comprehensive reporting system (SAP BW) round off the portfolio.

In addition, many interfaces to NON-SAP systems are maintained in order to provide  consistent and valid data in these systems. Almost all SAP systems used are operated as a three-tier landscape and have the levels of development, quality assurance and production.

In the event of errors in the applications, IOR ensures rapid error correction after analysis. At regular intervals, the necessary software updates are carried out at the operational and application levels. IOR maintains many in-house developments within the SAP system to better support business processes at KIT. SCC-IOR works closely with the relevant departments to develop the necessary business concepts. In addition, SCC-IOR conducts training courses and provides first-level support to users in the event of operating problems with the software.

Further tasks of IOR include the operation of the time recording terminals and of the document management system integrated in SAP.

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