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IT services for science

Our services are tailored to your needs and support you in research and development as well as in communication and cooperation with your research partners.

High Performance Computing

Researchers work on different application problems on three parallel computers. SCC operates KIT HPC systems, computers for the country and a nationally usable HPC infrastructure.

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Simulation and Data Life Cycle Labs

The Simulation and Data Life Cycle Labs (SDL) support collaborations and knowledge transfer focusing on supporting data and simulation scientists across projects.

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Dealing with research data

SCC provides the infrastructure and services for storing, archiving and analyzing research data and is involved in the RDM@KIT service team.

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Visualization Lab

Visualization laboratory for analysis of measurement data, illustration of Computational Fluid Dynamics or biomolecule simulations as well as for computer-aided product development.

Computational Science and Engineering

The SCC conducts research in method-oriented mathematics and application-oriented mathematical modelling as well as on simulation with HPC systems.

Smart Data Innovation Lab

SCC operates the research platform Smart Data Innovation Lab (SDIL) at KIT. SDIL creates the conditions for Big Data cutting-edge research.

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