Installation instructions for Analysis for Office (AO)

1 Check the installed MS Office version (32 or 64 bit)

You can determine this as follows:

  • Open Excel and select File --> Account

  • Select the About Excel button.
  • You can see at the end of the first line which version it is.

2 Installation requirements
  • Open VPN
  • Token for two-factor authentication
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime Link
3 Installation of the Analysis for Office add-in
  • Connect to the software directory \\\Service\SCC\Software\SAP\Analysis for Office
  • and install according to your installed Office version
    • for 32 bit: Office 32bit_AOFFICE28SP13_0-70004974.EXE
    • for 64bit: Office 64bit_AOFFICE28SP13_0-70004973.EXE
  • and select the following installation options (see image)
4 Rework: Transferring provided configurations to the system

You can do this manually by copying the 3 files in the directory \\\Service\SCC\Software\SAP\Analysis for Office\Config Files AO

to the directory C:\ProgramData\SAP\Cof.

Or you can copy the files via script to the target directory on the computer: To do this, execute the script "AO.BAT" as Admin.
If the admin user for the installation and the user for connecting the software drive are different, you must copy the script "AO.BAT" locally to your computer and execute it there as admin.

5 OpenVPN

To establish the connection to SAP, a VLAN connection must be set up using OpenVPN. Please install OpenVPN according to our instructions.

To log in to the SAP system, use the configuration for special VPN access (VPN2VLAN): kit-vpn2vlan.ovpn

Login within the KIT premises:
<KIT account>@sap (your KIT account with the addition @SAP)
Example: vu7230@sap

From the home office KIT account@sap-from-outside
Example: vu7230@sap-von-aussen

<KIT password><comma><token> (your KIT password, punctuation mark comma, number sequence on the token).
Example: 4vzo!81nn?X,639950

6 Contact for installation problems

SCC Service Desk
Phone: 8000

7 Known problems

Is the following error occurring?

Solution: Reactivate add-in
To do this, open an Excel worksheet
Select the tab
Branch to

Analysis Office Add-In Select from the list and click on "Activate"
If Analysis Office Add-In is not included in the list, or as the last step: