General apps


In the news app you can see current news about the functions available in UP. Current news items are displayed one after the other in the app. For more information click on the app. A list with the current news will open.

My inbox

The Inbox is the central worklist in UP for approving processes. You can currently find leave requests and time bookings (Clock-In/Clock-Out) there. In future, other transaction types (e.g. shopping carts from procurement) will be added.

To approve an individual transaction, click on it. You then have the option of approving or rejecting it at the bottom right. You can optionally add a decision note for each approval. For rejections, the entry of a note (reason for rejection) is mandatory.

It is also possible to approve processes in bulk. For mass approval, use the button for multi-select, which you will find above the list of tasks. Filter by task type and then use the checkbox to select all the tasks you want to approve. The button for approving or rejecting tasks can be found at the bottom left.

In future, approvers will be able to set up substitutions. However, this function is not yet activated and therefore cannot be used.