ESS/MSS apps

My profile

In this app, you can view the data stored about you in SAP and also change some of it.

The next upcoming absence and the flextime balance (in industrial hours) are displayed in two overview tiles. It is currently not possible to jump to other functions at this point.

Below this, various information can be found:

  • Personal data:

    • Personal data: cannot be changed by the user. In case of changes please contact your HR advisor.

    • Addresses: Can be changed by clicking "Manage my address".

    • Main bank account: This is the bank account for the KIT payroll (Attention: if you receive your salary from the LBV: this bank account will not be passed on to the LBV! You have to report the change directly to the LBV). Click on "Manage my bank details" to change them.

    • Communication: System internal data. Cannot be changed.

    • Internal company data: here you can mainly set that you no longer receive information materials such as KIT Dialog, PR Info and LookKIT on paper. Click on "Manage my internal data" to change these settings.

  • ESS Settings: Here you can cancel the paper mailing of documents such as the play slip or the time slip. The documents are available to you digitally at any time via the "My certificates" app. Click on "Manage my ESS settings" to change these settings.

  • Tax/SV/VBL: Cannot be changed by the user. If you need to make changes, please contact your HR advisor (see below).

  • Contact person Personnel: PSE's contact person for you

My family members

The data on your children is shown in this app. The data is required to calculate the contribution rate for the statutory care insurance (see To register a child, click on "Create" at the top left, fill in the data and click on "Save". Please note that only a validity date from the day of registration is possible.

My certificates

Payroll documents are available in this app. The following documents can be accessed:

  • Pay slip: monthly remuneration statements.

  • Time slip: only displayed if you participate in flexitime. Time statements for the last two years.

  • Income tax certification: annual wage tax statement for the tax office.

  • Report for social insurance: registration certificates for social insurance (DEÜV notifications).

For legal reasons, the certificates are only available in German, even in the English UP.

To access the individual documents, click on the respective line. The PDF opens in the existing window, which you can also close again. With the arrows you can control the size of the window. You can also use the corresponding buttons to switch to full screen mode and close it again.

My team calendar

This calendar displays the absences (without absence reasons) for your team members. The team members are determined on the basis of SAP Organization Management. If you have any questions, please contact ess-service∂

It is now also possible to add people who are not part of your team. Please carry out the following steps:

  • Click on the "Manage views" button
  • Select an existing view by clicking on it or create a new one using the "Create" button.
  • A list of the employees contained in the view opens. Click on "Add"
  • Search for the employee you want to add and select them. Confirm that you are aware that your calendar will also be visible for the employee when you confirm your request.
  • Save your entries.

Please note that no automatic emails are sent to notify you of requests! The employee can confirm or reject the request in their "My team calendar" app.

To revoke an approval that has already been granted, click on "Share calendar" and "Revoke authorization".

My leave requests

In this app you will find an overview of your leave entitlement as well as your absences. Furthermore, you can request leaves (including vacation and flextime). After clicking on the tile you will see:

  • Entitlement: Overview of your vacation entitlement
  • Request overview: Overview of absences and submitted absence requests. In addition to the calendar view, a list of absences and absence requests is also available under the "Items" tab. Individual requests can be accessed either by clicking on the absence in the calendar or via the list under items. In the detailed view of the individual request, you can use the buttons at the bottom right to edit or delete it, if possible.

To create a new leave request, either click on a day in the calendar or on the "Create Request" button at the bottom right. The request will specify:

  • Leave type: leave, flextime, etc.
  • Date or start/end date: selection via calendar (click on button on the right side of the field)
  • Start / End time: only relevant for partial-day absence types (e.g. off-site work), specification of start and end of absence
  • Approver: search by name. Only persons with authorization to approve leave requests are stored in the list.
  • New note: optional, note for the request
  • Email 1 and Email 2: optional, information about the absence request is sent to the persons selected from the list. The search is done by name. Free input of email addresses or names is not possible.

For the absence types "Sick child" and "Sick Leave (ESS)" documents (e.g. certificate or medical certificates) can be uploaded.

For more information on ESS/MSS, please visit

My time events

ESS participants can request or correct clock-in/out bookings here. This app corresponds to the previous "Time booking corrections" function in the SAP web portal.

A quick guide to using the function can be found at

Please don't forget to also send entered bookings to the approvers! In UP, the send button is located at the bottom right.

Further information on ESS/MSS can be found at

Time administrators

Time administrators can use this tile to record employee illnesses. More information, including on the application process for the role, can be found at

Leave overview

This app shows the absences with reasons for absence in accordance with the ESS/MSS service agreement. It is available in two versions:

  • Managers: Managers and managers on assignment (e.g. department heads) can view the absences of employees in the units assigned to them here. The absences are displayed for the current and previous calendar year.
  • Substitutes/secretaries: Substitute managers and secretaries can view the absences of employees in the units assigned to them. Only current and future absences are displayed.

Unlike the team calendar, there is no option here to add additional people to the overviews.

The absence overviews are determined on the basis of SAP Organizational Management. If you have any questions about this or about assigning authorizations for the overviews, please contact ess-service∂