Security warnings


Security warnings

(16.04.2020) Update: Cyber criminals use corona crises for phishing

Warning against fraudulent mails with application form "Family and sick leave

Mails allegedly originating from the Federal Ministry of Health install encryption Trojans.
Press release:

Warning about fraudulent MS teams Invitations

Invitations by e-mail or as Outlook appointments to MS team meetings can be fake and contain links to malware. Please check the links to the meeting very carefully. If necessary, ask the sender whether he has actually sent the appointment.

Identifiying Fraudulent Messages:


(23.03.2020) Update: Cyber criminals use corona crises for phishing

Phishing mails are already in circulation! They rely on fear and uncertainty in connection with the pandemic.

See message on


(17.03.2020) Cyber criminals use corona crises for phishing

We would like to draw your attention to a warning message from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) dated 13.03.2020:
For several hours now, websites have been circulating which allegedly display infections with the coronavirus in real time. The "Corona-Dashboard" on the website loads malware onto affected PCs in the background in order to steal access data and above all passwords.
Even mails allegedly originating from health authorities on the current corona situation are already circulating in neighbouring countries.

Information and tips on how to detect fraudulent messages and especially phishing messages: External Link

or how to report IT security incidents or attempted attacks: External Link


Additional Warnings

Additional warnings can be found by KIT users in the Warnings and Notes section of the SCC message page.