SCC-News 2/2016

New SCC-News i. a. with this Topics: An Open Haven for Research Data; State-wide Service bwDataArchiv goes into Operation; Smart Data Innovation Conference 2016 at SCC.

Titlepage SCC-News 2/2016

Dear reader,

In the summer of this year, the Council for Information Infrastructures (RfII) published recommendations on research data management in Germany. In the recommendations, the Council proposes a National Research Data Infrastructure conceived as a network with overarching centers. Their extensive expertise in the description, processing, storage and long-term archiving of research data enables establishment of a sustainable research data management structures.

Only about three months later, the Helmholtz Association announced the development of such a network of multi-thematic data centers the Helmholtz Data Federation (HDF). With the HDF, the Helmholtz Centers emphasize their readiness to create the necessary data infrastructure, to maintain research data in the long term for future use and to make the results as open as possible (page 18).

The SCC of KIT coordinates the activities of the HDF and provides its experience gained over many years in the handling of large quantities of scientific data. An important building block in this system is the bwDataArchiv service that has just been put into operation. The service can be used by scientific institutions of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and offers sustainable long term storage and archiving of research data (page 6).

In addition to the large amounts of data collected and archived, the SCC also delivers services for smart data research. The Smart Data Innovation Lab conducted a successful project year with increased cooperation with business enterprises. The results were presented and discussed among participants at the first Smart Data Innovation Conference at KIT (page 4).

On a final note: Our colleague Hannes Hartenstein temporary left the Board of Directors of the SCC since October in order to dedicate more time to the further development of the governance of information, communication and information technologies at KIT. We wish him lots of success and look forward to further cooperation.

Enjoy reading the SCC-News.

Bernhard Neumair, Achim Streit

Achim Grindler