Students discover the world of biomelecular simulation

Seven students from the working group "Current Research in Molecular Biology" at the Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium in Ettlingen, headed by biology teacher Oliver Abel, came to SCC for an educational excursion.

Oliver Abel (biology teacher) and his students in the courtyard of SCC Campus North. On the far right, the scientists Ines Reinartz and Marie Weiel.

The "Begabten-AG" spent the morning in the university part of the KIT in the centre of Karlsruhe. Dr. Karin Nienhaus (Institute for Applied Physics) gave a lecture on the structure and function of fluorescent proteins with the title "EosFP and green-red photoconversion".

The KIT shuttle then took the group of students to the large-scale research centre at Campus Nord, where they were led by a high-performance computing expert through the computer centre of the ForHLR II supercomputer. After lunch, young female scientists from the research group Multiscale Biomolecular Simulation demonstrated the 3D visualization laboratory, which allows students to immerse themselves in the simulated protein folding processes through a kind of virtual reality. The program was rounded off by the interactive work with computers for protein simulation and the software used at SCC.

Achim Grindler