Encrypted mails possible via mailing lists

Not only the appearance of the "mailing lists" has changed. Encrypted e-mails can now also be sent via the Sympa-based service.

New Version: 6.2.16

After the conversion of the mailing list software Sympa to version 6.2.16 the website www.lists.kit.edu got a new, more modern look.
The functionalities, such as managing mailing lists, managing subscriptions, viewing list archives, have not changed.

Important options for administrators can be found in an administration menu on the main list page of the mailing list.

Via "Administration" in the left navigation menu you will find all available options.

The SCC web pages describing the service with information for list participants and information for list operators have been adapted to the new version.

With the new software version, encrypted e-mails can be sent to the list participants. A certificate for the list must exist and the public key of all list participants must be known to the mailing list server.
The participant without public key on the mailing list server receives an e-mail that the encrypted e-mail could not be delivered. He have to send a signed e-mail to to make his public key known and to receive encrypted e-mails in the future.

Certificates for mailing lists are requested by the SCC Listmaster team and made available on the lists.kit.edu website. Please contact listmaster∂lists.kit.edu with the wish to send encrypted e-mails via a mailing list.