SCC-News 1/2018

The new SCC News amongst others with these topics:  The KIT-Card - Accessibility, Technology, Background;  Neoteric Autonomous Stencil code for Jolly Algorithm; Students Research Using Mathematical Modelling.

Frontpage SCC-News 1/2018

Dear reader,

10 years of SCC, in addition to the articles on our activities in research, services and teaching this is a good reason in this summer issue to focus on the employees of SCC - active and alumni. These people are the friendly face of SCC and its respectful and appreciative working atmosphere. They are deeply involved in research and teaching, projects, design and operation of infrastructures and basic services, conduct training courses, seminars and workshops, apply for third-party funding for personnel and equipment, support, organise, communicate, train and help. In short, they "are" the success of SCC and for that they deserve a big and warmly thank you!

With barbecue and salad buffet, ice-cream van, paddling pool, lots of sunshine and beverages all of us celebrated the 10th birthday of SCC on July 12th. Wilfried Juling, one of the invited founding directors, gave a speech about the early days of SCC and its positive evolutions at KIT, which was only founded one year later.

Marco Berghoff tests the wetting behaviour of smooth surfaces in the paddling pool together with colleagues (picture page 40). In his article on page 25 you can read how this behavior can be simulated by novel algorithms adapted to HPC systems. Kirsten Wohak and Maren Hattebuhr describe on page 35 how pupils in the new CAMMP project learn to explore everyday problems on the computer using mathematical modelling.

Our daily companion, the KIT-Card, is not new. Or is it? Axel Maurer and colleagues present the news and background on page 21.

Enjoy reading!                   Martin Frank, Bernhard Neumair, Martin Nußbaumer, Achim Streit


Achim Grindler