Access to the SCC ticket system for employees and "guests and partners" at KIT

All KIT employees as well as "guests and partners" will be able to use the customer interface of the SCC ticket system from 5 August 2019 in order to submit user enquiries.

SCC ticket system: Example of a support request

The SCC uses a ticket system based on Open Technology Real Services (OTRS) to manage user requests.

All IT officers of the KIT have already been granted access via a customer interface in order to directly post and track requests to the SCC.

As of August 5, 2019, the SCC will also make this customer interface available to all KIT employees, partners and guests as a further way of communication.

All KIT members with a valid KIT account in the form "ab1234" will thus have the opportunity to submit requests to the SCC in addition to the previously known communication channels such as e-mail, telephone or personal contact at the Service Desk.

At a later date, this communication option will also be made available to KIT students.

If you have any questions regarding the operation of the ticket system, please contact the
SCC Servicedesk, Tel. -8000,  mailto: servicedesk∂scc.kit.edu


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Birgit Junker