SCC-News 1/2019

The new SCC News amongst others with these topics: New KIT backbone - 100G in KIT core network; HeAT - Helmholtz Analytics Toolkit; Our youth researches successfully!

Frontpage of SCC-News 1/2019

Dear reader,

what are your thoughts about "HeAT"? Possibly the stifling hot weather that gripped not only Karlsruhe the last weeks? The toolkit, called HeAT, is a novel, easy-to-use software library to enable scaling techniques for analyzing large amounts of data on HPC systems. A really "hot iron" (p. 18). In the future, HeAT will use GPUs in the background to calculate n-dimensional data fields more efficiently.

The upgrade to 100G of the core network of the KIT (p. 12) entered a hot phase as well. The north-south connection and the first SCC services have already been migrated. The connection of the KIT institutes to this fast infrastructure follows next.

Another goal of the Networks and Telecommunications department (see title photo) is the campus wide rollout of IPv6 by 2021 (p. 10).

The fact that students are also warming up for simulation research and the accompanying  mathematical modeling is a great merit of our group that runs the projects Simulated Worlds and CAMMP. We are particularly pleased that young people engaged in these projects are now winners in this year's Jugend forscht competition (p. 23). Congratulations!

Enjoy reading.                                      Martin Frank, Bernhard Neumair, Martin Nußbaumer, Achim Streit

Achim Grindler