KIT Innovation Team Wins NCATS ASPIRE Design Challenge Prize

In an American competition on chemical databases, an innovation team from KIT has won a prize with the idea of a synthetic chemistry portal as an information system for storing, sharing, searching and analyzing chemical data.

Felix Bach, Wissenschaftler am SCC und Mitglied im Innovationsteam.

The innovation team of KIT, consisting of Nicole Jung, Stefan Bräse, Pierre TremouilhacFelix Bach and Ravindra Peravali, was able to convince in an international competition of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), an authority of the US Department of Health, and won a prize in the category "Challenge 2".

In the tender entitled "A Specialized Platform for Innovative Research Exploration (ASPIRE)", concepts were sought which point to possibilities for establishing a modern research infrastructure.
In category 2, proposals for the development of an electronic synthesis portal were sought. The goal of the US National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) call, part of the NIH, is to reward and advance innovative approaches to solving the opioid crisis in the US through the development of (1) novel chemical compounds, (2) data mining, analytical tools and technologies, and (3) biological assays. The aim is to promote the discovery and development of next-generation preclinical tests of safe and non-addictive painkillers. The aim is to identify new therapeutic options for opioid dependence and overdose.

The KIT team was awarded the prize for "Electronic Synthetic Chemistry Portal for Translational Innovation in Pain, Opioid Use Disorder and Overdose". The Electronic Synthetic Chemistry Portal (eSCP) proposed by the Innovation Team is an information system for storing, collecting, sharing, searching and analysing data - specifically for synthetic and medical chemists and biologists. The portal is based on the laboratory application software Chemotion, which includes an electronic laboratory book (ELN) and a repository for chemists. Chemotion is a joint DFG-funded project of the SCC, the library and the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the KIT.

Further information: ncats.nih.gov aspire/2018ChallengeWinners


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Achim Grindler