Apache Subversion (SVN) shutdown - GitLab will be made available in pilot

For the central administration of files and directories, the SCC previously used the Apache Subversion (SVN) software. But the trend is moving towards Git & Co. SCC offers a GitLab instance and will shut down the SVN server at the end of June 2020.

Central version management - SVN is switched off

For a long time, Subversion was the version control system of choice, but just as Subversion inherited the RCS (Revision Control System) and CVS (Concurrent Versions System) systems, the trend is now toward Git & Co.

SCC also runs a GitLab instance at git.scc.kit.edu, which now hosts almost 99% of all projects.

As a result, SCC will no longer migrate the Subversion server svn.kit.edu, for which support will expire in mid-year, to a new platform and will phase out the SVN service with the underlying operating system.

We recommend that all SVN users get involved with Git or GitLab (about.gitlab.com) and move their remaining SVN projects by the end of June 2020.

If you have questions about using Git, please contact the Git team directly at git∂scc.kit.edu .