Druva Insync has been disabled in May 2021

Druva Insync, the tool for backing up data on mobile devices, has been disabled. IBM Spectrum Protect can be used as an alternative.

Druva Insync has discontinued on-premises operation. The cloud variant of Druva Insync can no longer be used at KIT for data protection reasons. Therefore, Druva Insync, the tool for backing up data on mobile devices (laptop and notebook) has been shut down on 20.05.2021.

Thus, data backups with Druva Insync are no longer possible.

As an alternative, mobile devices can be used with the backup and archiving tool IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly TSM), which is already in use.

Interested users register their device via the registration website using the online form valid for their operating system.

Afterwards, the registered users - or one of the contact persons named in the form (ITB/IT administrators) - receive all necessary installation instructions for securing the specified device by e-mail.

The SCC had tested many alternative tools in advance. But unfortunately none of these tools proved to be an applicable alternative.

However, the SCC will investigate other possible solutions for backing up mobile devices.

If you have any questions about our "Backup & Archive" service, please contact the SCC's backup team directly.