NHR@KIT puts HoreKa into operation for research purposes

New supercomputer goes into operation for research purposes after succesful pilot phase

HoreKa in the SCC at KIT Campus North (Simon Raffeiner/SCC/KIT)

The National High Performance Computing Center at KIT (NHR@KIT) has put the new "HoreKa" supercomputer into operation for research purposes today after successful completion of the trial operations. The system is now available to scientists from all over Germany for research projects.

Thanks to the new supercomputer, researchers will be able to gain a more detailed understanding of highly complex natural and technical processes, particularly in materials science, earth system science, energy and mobility research in engineering, and particle and astroparticle physics.

Innovative high-performance system with a big hunger for data

HoreKa is an innovative hybrid system with nearly 60,000 Intel processor cores, more than 220 terabytes of main memory and 668 NVDIA A100 GPUs. A 200 GBit/s non-blocking InfiniBand HDR network is used as the communication network, and two parallel Spectrum Scale file systems with a total capacity of more than 15 petabytes are used for data storage.

A key consideration during the design of the system were also the enormous amounts of data generated by scientific research projects. To keep up with the growing needs, HoreKa's compute nodes, InfiniBand network and parallel file systems each deliver up to four times the storage throughput of its predecessor ForHLR. A multi-level data storage architecture will additionally guarantee further high-throughput processing on external storage systems.

HoreKa is housed in a dedicated computer building on KIT's North Campus, which was newly constructed in 2015 for its predecessor ForHLR. The award-winning, energy-efficient hot water cooling concept is continued with the new system.

New platform for project applications

The application for computing time projects on HoreKa is now possible via the digital application platform. In addition, the new NHR Support Portal provides an integrated platform for all questions related to application submission as well as technical and professional support. Organizational questions about HoreKa can also be sent to horeka-info∂nhr.kit.edu.

The official inauguration ceremony of HoreKa will take place in mid-July. An invitation will follow.

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More information about HoreKa:

With bwUniCluster 2.0, KIT operates a second supercomputer in state service:

Dr. Jennifer Buchmüller