KIT supercomputer on rank 14 in Europe.

The Karlsruhe HoreKa high-performance computer is one of the fastest computers in Europe. On the TOP500 list, the HPC system is ranked 52nd. In terms of energy efficiency, it is in an excellent 13th place in the international ranking.

View on the Compute Servers of the new High-performance Computer HoreKa. (Photo KIT)

On June 1, KIT, as the National High Performance Computing Center(NHR∂KIT), started scientific operation of the new high-performance computer "HoreKa". In the current Top 500 Spring List, the system is among the fifteen fastest computers in Europe; in a worldwide comparison, it ranks 52nd. In terms of energy efficiency, HoreKa reaches 13th place in the international ranking.

The hybrid system consists of a computing accelerator based on graphics processing units (GPUs) and a partition equipped with standard processors (CPUs). The GPUs from NVIDIA guarantee extremely high performance, which is required for certain computing operations such as equation system solvers or algorithms for applications in artificial intelligence. The latest generation of Intel CPUs, which were only officially introduced with the start of the HoreKa test run, are also optimized for certain operations. HoreKa cleverly combines the strengths of both architectures so that maximum performance is achieved. Overall, the system achieves a peak performance of 17 PetaFlop/s. The ThinkSystem from Lenovo was supplied by pro-com Datensysteme GmbH.


Contact: Dr. Jennifer Buchmüller

Further information: kit.edu/kit/pi_2021_059_supercomputer-of-the-kit-one-of-the-15-fastest-in-europe.php


Achim Grindler