IPv6 fully implemented at KIT

The IPv6 rollout at KIT is completed. At KIT, all users of the IT infrastructure are provided with IPv6.

Network infrastructure

IPv6 is now available for all users at KIT. Regardless of whether they are connected to the KIT network via fixed network, WLAN or VPN, they are all provided with IPv6.

Thus, services that are only offered within KIT can be switched to IPv6only. Central services of the SCC are already almost completely IPv6 capable.

However, IT services at the SCC or in the organizational units are currently still offered with dual stack (IPv6 and IPv4). However, the goal is to switch purely KIT-internal services to IPv6only due to the time-consuming administration and troubleshooting involved in using dual stack.

Due to the availability of IPv6 in all KIT networks, it is now possible to switch off IPv4 everywhere where it is no longer necessary.
It should be noted that IPv4 is still required in any case for IT services that have to be accessible from the Internet, since it cannot yet be assumed that all users are provided with IPv6.

When procuring hardware or software, the SCC generally recommends making sure that it supports IPv6.
Software or firmware that does not support IPv6 should no longer be procured!

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