HoreKa mirror image wins 1st place in dpa photo competition

The dpa photographer Uli Deck from Karlsruhe succeeded particularly well in staging the LED illumination of the new supercomputer HoreKa at KIT. The photo receives a 1st place in the competition "dpa Pictures of the Year 2021".

The 'mirror image' of HoreKa at KIT becomes the winning image in the symbol image category of the "dpa Images of the Year" competition. (Photo Uli Deck).

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A visit to the computer room of the supercomputer HoreKa (Karlsruhe High Performance Computer), which will be officially inaugurated in July 2021, makes a big impression on photography enthusiasts. The ceiling lighting in the room remains off for visitors for the time being when they enter. The darkness, the noise of the computing machine, the warmth, and the smell in the room all put the senses on standby. Slowly, the eyes get used to the twilight. You can't see the computing power, but you are all the more impressed by the flickering play of lights from thousands and thousands of green and blue LEDs on the back of the computing cluster, which you can already see from the entrance door. The inner workings of the computer are accessible via a so-called cold aisle. Entering it is a highlight on every visit to the SCC at the KIT North Campus.

Not only the technology is fascinating, but also the effective play of light with which it is illuminated. A remote control elegantly controls the light sources in the various areas of HoreKa's interior. Color and light intensity for the illumination of the supercomputer can be adjusted so that different-looking photos are always possible. Technology can be so photogenic! If it weren't so cold and noisy there, this unusual place could invite people to linger and promote inspiring ideas and thoughts.

The resulting "mirror image" of the high-performance computer captured by Karlsruhe-based dpa photographer Uli Deck at HoreKa's inauguration ceremony is particularly impressive. With this picture, he won 1st prize in the category of symbolic images in the highly acclaimed "dpa Picture of the Year" competition. The SCC is happy with him. Congratulations!

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