McAfee agent is now called Trellix agent

A small but visible change in the antivirus service "Virus protection at KIT

Antivirensoftware am KIT

After McAfee Enterprise and FireEye merged to Trellix, now Trellix (trellix.com) completes its rebranding with the new agent version! 

In the future, don't look for the familiar red McAfee icon on your workstation terminal when you want to check the status of your antivirus agents, for example. 

Trellix recently announced the adjustment with version 5.7.7.

"Trellix Agent 5.7.7 is now available - Trellix continues its exciting evolution and our customers will see our solutions reflect our new name and brand. In this release, we have updated McAfee Agent with the Trellix name. For Trellix Agent, this rebranding requires no effort on your part."

As soon as version 5.7.7 of the antivirus software is installed on the workstations, you will find the new Trellix antivirus agent with the usual functionality instead of the McAfee agent. This version also fixes the DLL hijacking vulnerability (see SB10385 ).


Service description: "Virus protection at KIT" -> Trellix-Agent