EU project EOSC-Pillar in the final phase 

EOSC-Pillar held its final conference last October in the Bibliothèque National de France François-Mitterrand in Paris an comes December 31 2022 to it's end.

Dr. Lisana Berberi presenting project results  at the conference

The EOSC-Pillar project supports the development of the european open science cloud EOSC and is one of four regional EOSC implementation projects. In EOSC Pillar, scientific and institutional partners from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy work together on widening the services portfolio of EOSC, on engaging the research with EOSC, on supporting the coordination and harmonization of national initiatives relevant, e.g. NFDI (Nationale Forschungsdaten Infrastruktur), and help integrating scientific IT services with the EOSC framework. During the final conference the project showcased highlights of its results from the past three years for an audience with representatives of the EOSC Association and the European Commission. The conference was also used to gather the latest insights on topics like business models and the role of regions and individual countries on EOSC development during lively panel and interview sessions.

In the project, SCC was the German liaison to the national initiative and research landscape, guided a study on the gaps in GDPR (EU Global Data Protection Regulations) and IPR (intellectual property rights) national law implementations and designed a framework for the validation and qualification assurance of IT services before they are onboarded in the services catalog of EOSC. SCC plays a significant role in the development of EOSC with its contributions to EOSC-Pillar and in the EOSCpilot, EOSCsecretariat, EOSC-hub and EOSC Future projects.

Jos van Wezel