EOSC symposium 2022: progress and readiness of EOSC

The EOSC symposium 2022 shows progress and readiness of the European Open Science Cloud and contributions from SCC.

Pavel Weber presenting the Helpdesk solution supporting the EOSC services.

The EOSC Symposium provides a forum for researchers, research communities, Horizon Europe projects, cluster projects, digital and research infrastructures, policy makers and many other stakeholder groups who are working together on the co-creation of the European Open Science Cloud. From 14-17 November over 400 participants attended more than 60 sessions at the symposium in Prague, during which direction and activities of projects that are building the federated research infrastructure for Europe were presented and discussed. SCC is partner of several key constituting projects and represents KIT as member in the EOSC Association.

For the project EOSC Future, SCC delivered presentations in several sessions e.g., in the session ‘Implementing the EOSC Interoperability Framework’, and delivered to reports of the EOSC synergy, EOSC-Pillar, DICE and EGI-ACE projects. Taking place in parallel to the symposium, SCC was represented at the assembly of the EUDAT CDI council.

Do you want to (re)visit a particular session or discussion? All EOSC Symposium 2022 session presentations have been added to the session descriptions in the Agenda Page. The plenary session recordings can be found on the Home Page of the Symposium.

Jos van Wezel