Database migration of SAP systems

As part of the gradual upgrade of the SAP system environment, the SAP ERP database is migrated to HANA

SAP: Database migration

From 07 to 12 June 2023, the SAP ERP database will be migrated to HANA. During this period, SAP systems, including SAP Web Portal and User Portal (UP), will not be available.

HANA is SAP's current database technology and a prerequisite for using SAP's new generation software products such as S/4HANA. In addition to the development of the User Portal (UP) as the successor to the SAP Web Portal and the project to replace SRM with easyBANF, the database migration is another important step in updating the SAP system environment.

The migration to HANA does not initially have any significant changes for the users of the SAP systems. However, it is a necessary technical basis for future optimizations.

Martin Hengel